Explain these fetishes to me please?
1970-01-01 00:00:00 UTC
Explain these fetishes to me please?
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2016-05-16 07:41:00 UTC
You can't write a short paragraph and expect anyone to diagnose a specific "why" concerning your fantasy. You should know that other answers are correct in assessing that you have a foot fetish. This encompasses anything you would want the foot/feet to do to you. It is all of a sexual nature. The need to be enveloped, crushed or consumed by the foot as you are being stepped upon can be nothing but an indicator of the intensity of your fetish. This would be no different than a male with an intense breast fetish wishing to be totally surrounded and smothered by women's breasts.
2011-11-03 18:42:53 UTC
i'd say that foot fetishism and body hair are pretty normal, but most hated on because they're so common it's the only one's people know of. Feet I love cuz they're curved and clean, body hair idk if I could go for this, but I know that it feels good to have your hair scratched and rubbed up on when your having sex with a chick. Really I think anything else beyond those two are messed up, and its not even right.
2011-11-02 12:56:30 UTC
3. Masochism is people who are pleasured with pain while sadistic people get pleasure hurting others.

5.I think morphophilia is just obsessed with body shapes, if one prefers fat people, then it's fat people all the way, or vice versa.
2011-11-02 12:33:11 UTC
Foot fetish - Obsession with the sight of bare feet (male/ female).

other fetishes - Google yourself
2011-11-03 13:34:47 UTC
I'd say Zoophillia is more of a orientation like Homo, Hetero or Bi sexual which many "zoos" are both with humans and their non-human lovers. True alot of it stems from seeing pictures on the internet or fantasies but there are true zoophiles out there who care for their animals as fully as they would a human mate. There's no explanation to it, like growing up on a farm etc. Zoophilillia has been around since the dawn of time as much as Homosexuality and Bisexuality. Many ancient cultures accepted it as just the way that person is.
2011-11-02 12:09:55 UTC
You want an explanation? Humans can be pretty damn weird.
2011-11-02 23:13:01 UTC
In regards to #8, furry is a hobby and interest, not a fetish. Being a furry, part of the furry fandom, means enjoying and admiring (being a fan of) cartoon and other fictional anthropomorphic animal characters. Classic examples are Bugs Bunny, Donald Duck, the characters in the Jungle Book and animated Robin Hood, as well as advertising characters like Smokey the Bear and the Trix rabbit. The fandom is also strongly focused on the artists behind those characters and the creativity and talent that goes into making, drawing, and animating them. Being a furry is along the same lines as being a Star Trek fan or Anime fan, all of which are related by being fantasy and/or sci-fi (the furry fandom is a spin-off of the sci-fi fandom). The furry fandom is also well known for the animal costumes, called fursuits, which are also highly admired wearable works of art from some incredibly talented fursuit makers.
2011-11-03 09:52:47 UTC
As someone who formally studies psychology, the main point I should get across is nobody 100% knows for certain what causes fetishes of any kind. Even when you ask people with these fetishes why and have long personal conversations with them, they really don't know themselves. However, there are a lot of theories and general correlations that have been noted.

One of the more universal theories is called Repetition Compulsion, which is a concept where when you're a little kid and something scares you or makes you feel out of control (real events or movies), you become fascinated with it when you're older. One of the most well known is sadomasochism: Most (but not all) people who are into it were physically struck as children (spanked, even if it was not abusive). The crazy thing about this concept is people have no idea they do it.

Another concept is how fetishes are a way to hide from emotional intimacy. If what you're into is really weird, the sex act becomes almost mechanical rather than a expression of love and emotional closeness.

And there's a few where it's not a true fetish, but rather the expression of brain damage or mental illness. For example, the really crazy ones involving bodily fluids or unwilling partners (like children, the dead or animals).

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